Xulián Maure Rivas

Birth Date: In 1941
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)


He took a degree in Theology (Salamanca 1963), in Romance Philology (Compostela 1976) and a doctor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts (Compostela 1999). He also studied Economy at the University of Santiago (1969-71). He worked as a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature at different Secondary Schools and since 1980 at Val Miñor Secondary School in Nigrán, where he was the headmaster for several years. He was a Professor of Theory of Written Language at the University of Vigo (2002-2004).
From 1973 to 1978 he was responsible for the Galician publication of Anaya, where he started a series of studies on the attitudes of teachers before the incorporacion of Galician Language to teaching. As it was necessary a unique norm for the publication of textbooks in Galician, he promoted some seminars at the University of Santiago which were collected in Bases para unificación das normas lingüísticas do galego. He made a first invendible edition of this work with sixteen thousand issues delivered among Galician teachers as a Christmas present in 1977. During these years, he published “Lúa Nova”, the first series of books in Galician language for the first five years of Primary Education. In 1978, together with his wife, Camiño Noia, and Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, he founded Edición Xerais de Galicia, being the president of the board of directors and director general until 1983.
He was the first assistant director responsible for the Department of Books, Libraries, and Documentary Heritage of the Xunta de Galicia (1983-84). He promoted the Association of Galician Translators (1984) and the creation of Viceversa, Revista galega de tradución (1995) and the virtual library of universal literature in Galician language (www.bivir.com, 2000).
He was the secretary of COGALCO (Cooperativa Galega de Consumo) (1971-72), foundation member of Diario de Galicia, member of the advisory board of the IGADI, the board of directors of Tempos Novos and the Instituto de Estudos Miñoranos. He published articles about the Galician publishing industry and the problems of written language in several specialized magazines. He wrote Galicia sen libros. Informe sobre o libro galego (1987), Para unha escriptoloxía do galego (1998, 2006) and Un camiño novo para unha vella utopía (2004). As a translator of German, he published books for children by Mira Lobe, Otfried Preussler and Chistine Nöstlinger. For the virtual library of the Association of Galician Translators, he translated O carteiro de Neruda by Antonio Skarmeta. He published some medieval documents in Galician language, mainly in REM (Revista de Estudos Miñoranos), which he is running now (2011).

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