Graciela Postocchi Pereira

Category: Teacher of visual arts and music

She has studied Fine Arts at the Conservatorio Nacional and the Instituto Superior de Arte of the Teatro Colón, as a theatrical designer and in the caricaturization area. She has a degree in education and scholar direction in the special-needs area, and she knows how to use art as a learning tool.

Graciela’s grandparents were Galician and she has always been interested in knowing from this social and historical collective. She has written some journalistic articles in diaries and magazines, and she was the author of the first weekly Boletín bilingüe from the Colectividad Gallega, published by the Agencia EFE. In the musical field, she compiled some emigrant songs, which were made public in different Argentinian and Galician cultural places, concert halls, theatres, radios and public televisions. Her first cd was called “Cantares Gallegos”, and the Centro Lucense edited it in 1979. It had some songs from emigrated Galician people, and as a way of value the Galician language, the first translated-to-Galician tango was included in it, called “O dia que me quieras” by Gardel and LePera.

In 1981 she received a grant from the Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, to participate and collaborate with the development of the new programs of special-needs education in the region, and to take direct contact with the rebirth of the folk music and Galician “nova canción”.

When she came back to Buenos Aires, she recorded a new cd called “Campanas de Bastabales”, with some folk and author-music songs. Galician language and Spanish language were again united, and some classical tangos were again translated to be included in a new cd: “En las orillas del Plata”, re-edited by the Dirección de Política Lingüística from Xunta de Galicia.

She is part of the chorus of the Centro Gallego since it was foundated in 1974, and she participates in the institutional life as an active-partners manager. Is a Honorius member of the Instituto Argentino de Cultura Gallega and member of the Comisión de Cultura y Prensa in the Centro Galicia. She has written some educational documental scripts about Galician emigration, which were edited in DVD, and she has recorded a new cd called Terra meiga, with the first version of the Himno Galego for female singers, some folk songs and other by herself. When she impulsed the creation of the Grupo Vocal Infantil “Os gromos”, formed by Galician-grandsons, in 1994, she took care of its direction. She composed some songs about the Galician-Porteña life, until the presentation of the first cd, in 1997, called “El future está en las raíces”, sponsored and edited by the Consellería de Cultura of the Xunta de Galicia. This activity promoted the creation of the Asociación Cultural Gallega Os gromos, which develops cultural activities for the integration and cultural development of children.

Talking about musical composition, we can say that she has musicated “Poetas Gallegos del siglo XX” to a literary project from the writer Julieta Gómez Paz, of the poets Federico García Lorca and Jorge Bosco, and a short anthology of Rosalía de Castro, recorded with the collaboration of the actress Maruja Villanueva in the cd “Bos Amores”.

Nowadays she lives in Buenos Aires, where she is the director of the chorus Os rumorosos, from the Centro Betanzos, as she is a special-needs teacher.