Fon Román

Category: Musician
Birth Date: In 1970
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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Spanish pop music was mark for over a decade by ‘Los Piratas’ songs, which approached the artist and the fan, the perfect combination between pop and sincerity. Fon Román represented the intimate and restless sound of ‘Los Piratas’. He sifted through the electronics in the records and excited everybody with the chords and melodies of his guitar, probably the best guitar in the Spanish pop music.
‘Los Piratas’ broke up and Fon started his solo career. As he says ‘after a break-up and mainly after thirteen year-relationship, the best thing one can do is not to think about it much’.
Together with Suso Saiz, he made laboratory experiments under the name ‘Trash of dreams’, whose record edition was preceded by confinement and travelling for two whole years. Fon was growing inside and ‘Trash of dreams’ was useful to solve his doubts about the possibilities of art without a predetermined language or market demands. It was only a stop in the way.
‘Silencio cómodo en un jardín descuidado’ was the final destiny, maybe the definitive work of a whole life as a musician. This work recovers the whole conceptual sense for the pop. Fon took up unfinished songs again and added other new ones, all of them had to fulfil the sincerity requirement.
The record was taking shop. Together with Suso Saiz, he worked with a premeditated intention in solid melodies, perfectly developed by texts that avoid interpretation and metaphor.
“Silencio cómodo en un jardin descuidado” (2006), his first solo record, has been elected the seventh best record of the year for the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’.

 Work & Activities

CONCERTS: 2006: Sol Concert Hall (Madrid), Greenspace Concert Hall (Valencia), Capitol Concert Hall (Santiago de Compostela), Fábrica Concert Hall (Vigo), Rock Concert Hall (Bilbao), Central Park (Donosti), BocaBoca Concert Hall (Pamplona), Cartagena (Murcia) and Círculo (Toledo). 2007: Espacio Movistar (Barcelona).
INTERVIEWS: 2006: ‘A Revista’ on Galician TV, Onda Madrid, News programme on Galician TV, (chat), ‘Hoy por hoy: Madrid’ (Cadena Ser), ‘La ciudad invisible’ (Radio 3), Kabuki, MTV Live and ‘Diario Pop’ (Radio 3).
He has also made music for TV programmes, shorts, sounds tracks and spots.
He has gone on tours all around Europe and America.

 Other Interesting Aspects

CONTACT: Subterfuge Records. Apdo. 46055 - 28080. Madrid.