Rafael Louzán Abal

Category: President of Pontevedra County Council
Birth Date: 21st November 1967
Birth Place: Ribadumia (Pontevedra)

He started his professional career as a civil servant in the City Council of Ribadumia, combining this activity with business. In 1995, he filled the office of deputy mayor in his native village and was elected deputy, representing O Salnés. One year later, he was nominated as vicepresident of the County Council of Pontevedra and he filled this office until 12th July 2003 that he was elected president. In 1998, he was nominated as provincial secretary of the Popular Party (PP) in Pontevedra and provincial president in May 2000. In July that same year, he filled an office in the Galician executive committee of the PP and was elected to take part in the national board of directors. In April 2002, he was reelected provincial president of the PP.

After the elections of May 2003 and being a councillor in Ribadumia, he was elected president of Pontevedra County Council in July 2003 for the first time. In the last elections of May 2007, he was elected again councillor in the City Council of Ribadumia and on 26th June 2007, he was elected president of Pontevedra County Council once again.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married and has two children.