Manuel Pardo de Vera y Díaz

Birth Date: 21st january 1948
Birth Place: Becerreá (Lugo)

He comes from Casa de Ribas, in San Pedro de Cadoalla, the family seat from the 16th century. He married Mª Teresa García Arias in Lugo in 1980 and has seven children.

He studied Primary and Secondary Education in Lugo, in Santiago de Compostela at la Salle School and at Pilar School in Madrid.

He studied Industrial Engineering at the Pontifical university of Madrid. He did an MBA at the Business Institute and a MA in Genealogical Law, Heraldry, and Genealogy at the Open University. He also got a diploma on Advanced Studies in the Faculty of Law at the Open University. He has been collaborating as a rapporteur in these courses for years.

After finishing his career and doing his military service in Valencia in 1973, he started his professional career in Murcia as an engineer, being responsible for the elaboration of the National Plan of Rural Electrification (PLANER) in this province.

In 1976, he entered FENOSA as chief engineer of Planning and Works in Ourense and Lugo. From 1979 to 1987 he was vice dean of the Galician Association of Industrial Engineers and vice-president of the Galician Society of Industrial Engineers. In 1987, he became director general of Industry, Energy and Mines (Xunta de Galicia) and president of the board of directors of Sociedad de Información Tecnológica y Empresarial de Galicia, S.A. He also forms part of the watchdog committee for the Plan of Naval Restructuring, representing Galician Administration. In 1990 he moved to Madrid, became responsible for the Exploitation of Distribution Networks of UNIÓN FENOSA and filled different offices and was president of work commissions in the employer’s association (UNESA). As expert on the electric system, he developed several improvement works of the operative management in electric power distribution companies in Chile and Brazil. He is a member of the Spanish Council of Industrial Engineers and member of the Patronage of the Galician Technologic Institute. He filled different offices in UNIÓN FENOSA and became assistant director of UNIÓN FENOSA DISTRIBUCIÓN S.A. in 2005 until he retired in 2013. Manuel Pardo de Vera y Díaz belongs to an old Galician noble family and is the president of the Spanish Association of Noblemen (, vicepresident of the Spanish Institute for the Study of Nobility, knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, ‘jure sanguinis’ knight of The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, governor of the Real Hermandad de Infanzones de Illescas, knight of the Real, Ilustre y Primitivo Capítulo Noble de la Merced, member of the Divisa, Solar y Casa Real de la Piscina and foundation member of the Noblemen of the Old Galician Kingdom.
He is a member of the Galician Association of Genealogy and Heraldry.
He directed the works of the agreements between the Spanish Association of Noblemen with the Government of Aragon and the Spanish Institute for the Study of Nobility with Zaragoza County Council. Thanks to these agreements, he published "Procesos de Infanzonía de la Real Audiencia de Aragón" and "Procesos de Habilitación de Infanzones para acceder a los oficios de la Diputación del Reino de Aragón".
He directed the online course of the School of Genealogy and Heraldry of the Spanish Institute for the Study of Nobility.
He participated as invited Professor in the MA courses and expert of the Open University.
He is the autor of the heraldry emblems of the members of the Spanish Association of Noblement, published in "Hidalgos" and is preparing those of the titles of the Spanish Kingdom to include in "Elenco". In this magazine, he has published several articles related to nobility in Spain.
He was awarded Lazslo Bohus de Villagos Prize in 2014 of the International Confederation of Heraldry and Geneaology.