Manuel Silva García

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 20th may 1943
Birth Place: Moldes, Melide (A Coruña)


He took a degree in Information Sciences at the University Complutense (Madrid) and graduated in Ecclesiastic Studies (Philosophy and Theology) at the Seminary of Lugo. From 1968 to 1973 he worked as a teacher at the Seminary and at Lucus Augusti Secondary School). He was delegate of the Efe Agency in the Basque Country and Navarra and was elected president of the Press Association of Pamplona in 1983. In Madrid, he was responsible for parliamentary information, head of the society section, editor-in-chief and subeditor of the national department.

 Work & Activities

-He wrote the essay ‘Área de descanso. Reflexiones ad libitum’ (2009) and the poetry books ‘Viajes a Catarsis. Poemas de vuelo rasante’ (2008), ‘Haikus con Silvas’ (2010) and ‘Haikus de acá e de acolá’ (2013)
-He is joint author of ‘La sonrisa urgente’, Efe Agency (2008) and ‘Universidad-Sociedad, ¿qué relaciones?’, Social Council of the Complutense University (1990), which collects several debates about the relationship between university and society.
-During the 70’s, he made works and academic essays at the Complutense University of Madrid like those related to the life and work of Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Paulo Freire and Franz Kafka or the independence of Mozambique, among others.
-He has published opinion articles in about twenty Spanish newspapers like El Progreso (Lugo) and El Correo Gallego (Santiago de Compostela) and in half a dozen magazines like Cambio 16, Mundo Hispánico, Tauta and La Mirada limpia. He usually collaborates in Boletín do Centro de Estudios Melidenses, published by Terra de Melide Museum.
-He gave lectures at several Spanish universities (Complutense University of Madrid, Pontifical University of Salamanca and the SEK in Segovia) and Secondary Schools, most of them related to the information right and its limits (right to honour, privacy and image)

 Other Interesting Aspects

The association of Radio and TV Journalists of Lugo granted him “Amar a Lugo” prize in 1999 and was sworn in as Knight of the Camino de Santiago Order in Santiago de Compostela in 2000. In 1956 he was awarded Scholae Latinitatis second prize.