Manuel María Puga y Parga

Pseudonym: Picadillo
Category: Writer and politician
Birth Date: 23rd April 1874 (†30th September 1918)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela

He took a degree in Law in Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Fueros nobiliarios. He got a post at the State Registration Office and moved to Madrid, returning to Arteixo shortly after. In 1913, he began to devote himself to politics, becoming Mayor in A Coruña on two occasions (1915 and 1917). He began to write for the newspaper El Noroeste in a section about cooking recipes, under the pseudonym 'Picadillo'.

 Work & Activities

He published his first book in 1901 in A Coruña 36 maneras de guisar el bacalao that was enlarged in another one published in Madrid, Las 56 maneras de hacer el bacalao. In 1905, he published his most important work in A Coruña La Cocina Práctica, with the recipes of El Noroeste and other new ones and prologued by the Countess of Pardo Bazán. In 1913, he finished his gastronomic series with Vigilia reservada (Minutas y recetas). His last book was the ironical one Mi historia política.