Lauro Olmo Gallego

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 9th November 1922 (†In 1994)
Birth Place: O Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense)

He moved to Madrid when he was eight, just in the middle of the Civil War. He returned in 1939, leaving school and beginning to work in a bicycle workshop. In 1945, he came back to Valdeorras for reasons of health and two years later, he went back to Madrid again. Together with his wife, he directed a theatre group for children in 1973, performing the play Los leones.

 Work & Activities

In Madrid, he joined literary groups such as 'Juglaría'. In 1954, he published his first books Cuno (stories) and Del aire (poems). He published short stories such as Doce cuentos y uno más, Las pesetas del hermano mayor, Kantichandra el hindú and the anthology Golfos de bien (1968). He also published Ayer. 27 de octubre (finalist at 'Nadal' Prize in 1958), El gran sapo ('Elisanda de Montcada' Prize in 1964), La Camisa, La pechuga de la sardina (1963), La decoración (1965), El cuerpo (1966), English Spoken (1968), La niña y el pelele (1969), etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1961, he was awarded 'Valle-Inclán' Prize for his work La Camisa. In 1975, he was paid homage at the Athenaeum in Madrid and was nominated as honorary member of the Institute of Studies on Valdeorras (1979). In 1982, he was awarded the prize of the Spanish Academy.