Juan Rodríguez Yuste

Category: Politician and professor
Birth Place: Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz)

Juan Rodríguez Yuste is a citizen of Galicia by adoption. He is from Jerez de los Caballeros and was brought up in Seville although when he was 21, he moved to Pontevedra, where he established himself, got married and had five children. He took a degree and a doctor's degree in Economical Sciences, specialising in Business and General Economy. He also took a degree in Political Sciences, Sociology, Law and Statistics and Technical Engineering. He taught Microeconomy, Theoretic Statistics and Econometrics at Vigo University and the Open University. He is a civil servant of the Corps of State Technical Engineers (Ministry of Agriculture) and the Autonomic Administration. He filled the following offices: head of the Planification Service, director and subdirector general of Economic Planification and Relations with the European Union and director of 'Galicia-Europa' Foundation. He was also general secretary of Relations with the European Union and External Action of the Xunta de Galicia and as 'Conselleiro de Industria e Comercio' from 1999 to 2005.

 Work & Activities

He wrote many research articles, books and publications on public and regional economy.