Manuel Regueiro Tenreiro

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 10th May 1943
Birth Place: Perbes (A Coruña)
Telephone: 982217684


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He studied Primary Education in his native town and Secondary Education in Santiago de Compostela. He took a degree in Philosophy and Arts at Salamanca University and took his doctor's degree in Philosophy at 'Complutense' University (Madrid). He worked as a teacher at 'San Esteban de Gormaz' School (Soria) and 'Nuestra Señora Inmaculada de Armenteros' School (Salamanca). He also worked at 'Grijuelo' Secondary School (Salamanca), 'Fray Luis de León' Secondary School (Salamanca), 'Xoán Montes' Secondary School (Lugo), 'Saturnino Montojo' Secondary School (Ferrol), 'Santiago Basanta Silva' Secondary School (Vilalba) and 'Anxel Fole' Secondary School (Lugo), where he is now directing the programme 'Aula Aberta Anxel Fole'.

 Work & Activities

He has collaborated in the publication of the first text books in Galician language: Introducción á Filosofía ('Galaxia' Publications, Vigo, 1979) and Historia da Filosofía ('Galaxia' Publications, Vigo, 1980). He was the founder and director (6 years) of 'Ramón Piñeiro' Centre to do research works on Humanities. He has also published Modelo harmónico de relación lingüística: (Estudio en Galicia).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is an honourable member of the Galician Centres in Havana and London. He was founder and member of the advisory board of the magazine 'Revista Galega de Ensino". He was deputy head at 'Grijuelo' Secondary School, secretary at 'Xoán Montes' Secondary School (Lugo) and principal at the Secondary School in Vilalba - Lugo. He also filled the offices of subdirector general of Inspection and Educational Reformation (1988-89) and director general of Linguistic Policy (1989-2000) at the 'Consellería de Educación e Ordenación Universitaria'.