Juan Jacobo Durán Loriga

Category: Mathematician
Birth Date: 17th June 1854 († 3rd December 1911)
Birth Place: A Coruña

When he was fifteen he was admitted to the Artillery Academy, but some years later, he gave up the army because of health problems. His great devotion to Mathematics and all his studies made him be a successful scientist both in Spain and abroad. He became a member of the Academy of Science and the Galician Academy, although he could not make his admission speech because of his death.

 Work & Activities

Juan Jacobo Durán Loriga published many outstanding works such as Notas sobre geometría del triángulo, Tablas balísticas para el tiro directo, Sobre la potencia del triángulo, Notas matemáticas sobre la correspondencia y transformaciones geométricas, Teoría elemental de las formas algebraicas, Nota sobre las funciones simétricas and Sobre un problema de Física, Sobre una curva trascendente... Besides, he showed other works in lectures and congresses. He also wrote many articles and collaborated in different Spanish and foreign magazines such as Gaceta de Matemáticas, Science (New York), Periódico de Matemática (Italy), Archiv des Mathematik und Physik (Germany), De Vriend der Wiskunde (Holland), Nouvelles Annales de Mathematiques (France) or Jornal de Sciencias Mathemáticas e Astronómicas (Portugal).