Indalecio Lombao Gómez

Category: Potter and musician
Birth Date: 3rd May 1920 (†1st november 2010)
Birth Place: Bonxe, Outeiro de Rei (Lugo)


His parents were Domingo Lombao Varela and Josefa Gómez Parga. He learnt the pottery and music that were the traditional trades of Bonxe, his native town. He participated in the Civil War and the Ebro Battle. When the war was over, he returned to Oviedo and formed part of the military band. Afterwards, he returned to Bonxe and went on with pottery and music, where he also met his wife Josefa Ferro López. His daughter Josefa Lombao Ferro went on with his alfarera tradition.

 Work & Activities

Apart from taking part in the military band, he also worked in several orchestras. As far as pottery is concerned, he had an extense work and lot of experience. He was a ‘master artisan’ and his family is the only one dedicated to traditional ceramics of Bonxe.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Bonxe is a town with a great pottery tradition, whose biggest development took place in the years people used the pieces made there. Fifty-six of the sixty neighbours worked as potters at that moment.