Aquilino González Álvarez

Category: Member of Architectonic Barriers of Auxilia Lugo
Birth Date: 3rd January 1966
Birth Place: Lugo
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He took a degree in Geography and History at the UNED (Spanish Open University) and did a MA in Management and Mediation of the Cultural Heritage in Europe and a MA in New Technologies of Information and Communication at the UNED.
He has been a member of Auxilia Lugo Association since 1990. Since 2002 he has been on the board of directors, being responsible for the area related to the demolition of architectonic barriers. He has led many sensitizing campaigns for accessibility to streets, business and leisure premises as well as education and culture. The Press and TV Association of Lugo elected him “Lucense del año” in 2006 for his work in this field. Shortly after, the City Council of Lugo asked him to make a report about the accessibility to the historical heritage of the city, within the PAGUS European Project for the restoration of historic city centres.  He has also collaborated with the provincial museum in the initiatives to get an open museum in all senses. Today he is collaborating with his mates in Auxilia in the local accessibility office. His main work in Auxilia during the last times focuses on getting accessibility to the historical heritage of the city. In this sense, from December 2008 to March 2009, he has led a signature collection campaign to get accessibility to the Roman Wall of Lugo. By means of this campaign, 12.800 citizens of Lugo supported Auxilia’s demand.