Antón Grande Penela

Pseudonym: Antón Grande
Category: Writer and journalist
Birth Date: 8th July 1953
Birth Place: Lugo

He directed the news programmes on ‘Radio Lugo-Cadena Ser’ and was responsible for the monograph and culture sections in the newspaper ‘El Progreso’. Nowadays, he is the editor-in-chief of ‘Localia-Telelugo’, pertaining to El Progreso Corporation.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the narrative books ‘Pucharcas’ and ‘Tabernarios’ and the fascicles ‘El maquis en Lugo’ and ‘El crimen de la legua derecha’. Together with other writers, he is a joint author of the following books: ‘Contos no Camiño’, ‘Seis narracións para a radio’, ‘Cinguidos por unha arela común. Homenaxe a Alonso Montero’, ‘Coroa literaria para Roberto Blanco Torres’ and ‘Narracións eróticas’ as well as the poetry book ‘Píntalo de verde’. His narrative book was published in several literary magazines such as ‘Coordenadas’, ‘Atlántico Express’, ‘Luces de Galicia’, ‘Cuadernos del Norte’, ‘Grial’, ‘Capela’ and ‘Xistral’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded Galicia Journalism Prize for a series of research articles about the resistance movement in Galicia.