José Luis Mayor Balboa

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 30th January 1971 (†August 2001)
Birth Place: Lugo


He showed his vocation for painting since he was very young. He painted everything he saw with a great creativity. Her mother said that she did not know what to do when he painted eggs, either eat them or leave them like that, she did not want to crack them. He began to study Primary Education at 'La Milagrosa' School and teachers had to watch him because he painted his friend's trousers and the tables of the classroom. Then he studied at 'Maristas' School, where he spent eight years and won his first prize to the best poster titled 'Maristas, cien años en España'. It was here that he met his best friend, Luis Tosar, and many other friends that thought like him. Then he studied at 'Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes' Secondary School, where he made his first individual exhibition. He became a draughtsman and he combined his profession with painting.

 Work & Activities

He carried out many exhibitions throughout his short life and went in for many painting contests. He left us a great work with a certain influence of Picasso and full of colour. Mixing comic and realism, he left the memories of his childhood, he lead us to understand his special way of living, feeling and seeing life. He love art in every expression, he painted, made sculptures and composed music for his guitar and clarinet. He formed part of two important choral societies of Lugo: 'Cantigas e Frores' and 'Coral do Hospital Xeral-Calde'.