Ramón Salgado Toimil

Category: Teacher, writer and publicist
Birth Date: 11th November 1889 (†1st July 1942)
Birth Place: Lugo

He started his studies in the Seminary of Lugo, studying Latin, Philosophy and Theology and giving them up then to register in the Secondary School of Lugo. In 1915, he graduated as a teacher in Pontevedra.
In 1916, he began to work as a teacher at the school of Villapol Foundation in Fondós, which he also directed until his death. Thanks to Salgado Toimil, this school turned into an exemplary educative centre. Luís Bello Trompeta referred to this model school in an article published in “El Sol” in December 1929.
He developed a great cultural and social activity, promoting all initiatives celebrated in Foz that can be of any interest for the public. He also participated in many pedagogic activities related to teaching.

 Work & Activities

His historic and literary works were a constant throughout his life. He was awarded Tortosa Contest for his work “Concepto de Ley según Santo Tomás de Aquino” and published the following works: “Concepción Arenal en el aspecto Pedagógico” (first prize in the Pedagogic Contest of Lugo), “Odoario, o Lugo en el siglo VIII”, which was awarded a prize in the Literary Contest of Lugo in 1915, “Capricho Literario- Apologético” and “Por Galicia y por el Arte”.
He was editor-in-chief of “La Voz de la Verdad” and usual collaborator of “El Progreso”, “Boletín de la Real Academia Gallega”, “Vida Escolar” and “Almanaque Gallego” (Buenos Aires). Many of his works were dedicated to the old San Martin Cathedral in Mondoñedo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was friend to Amor Meilán, Narciso Correal y Freyre de Andrade, Fray Plácido Ángel Rey Lemos, Noriega Varela, Castro Gil and Castro López. He was a member of the Galician Academy and was honoured posthomously as honorary citizen of Foz.