Luis Tobío Fernández

Category: Writer, translator and polygraph
Birth Date: In 1906 (†12th March 2003)
Birth Place: Viveiro (Lugo)

In 1933 he was nominated as secretary of the Spanish embassy in Bulgaria. He had to exile at the beginning of the Civil War, travelling first to New York, then to Cuba, where he founded ‘Escuela Libre’ in Havana, to Mexico D.F., where he practised as a teacher at ‘Ruiz de Alarcón’ Spanish-Mexican Institute and finally to Uruguay, where he lived until 1963 that returned to Spain. But he could not enter his diplomatic career until 1974. He was one of the founders of the Seminary of Galician Studies and also collaborated with many research articles. Besides, the articles he wrote during the exile were published in some magazines such as ‘Marcha’, ‘Imago Mundi’ or ‘El Día’.

 Work & Activities

As a result of his research activity about the Count of Gondomar, he wrote Gondomar y su triunfo sobre Raleigh and A intervención de Gondomar nos problemas internacionales da pesca. Besides, he participated in publications such as Galicia emigrante, Historia de Galiza or Poesías inglesas e francesas vertidas ao galego and translated into Galician Fausto by Goethe and Sonette an Orpheus by Rilke.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Lois Tobío was on the team that drafted the preliminary plan of the Galician Statute in 1936 and promoted the Galician Council.