Alfonso Antonio Baamonde García

Category: Teacher and cultural activist
Birth Date: 13th June 1945
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)

After studying Teaching in Lugo, he was appointed to El Bierzo, Ermua, Moreda (Vilalba) and ‘Insua Bermúdez’ School in Vilalba. Nowadays, he works at ‘Mato Vizoso’ School in Vilalba. He is the president and member of several commissions to organize local festivities. Besides, he has been the vicepresident of Racing Vilalbés F.C., as well as secretary, vicepresident and president of the ‘Centro Cultural Recreativo’ for eighteen years. He has also been the president of ‘Polifónica Vilalbesa’ Choral Society since 1981.

 Work & Activities

He has published many journalistic works about hermitages and ‘cruceiros’ of the ‘Terra Cha’, legends and works about musical history of Vilalba, monographs about the ‘capón’ and flax, as well as many articles about St Ramón and ‘Virgen de Guadalupe’ Festivities and local matters. He also collaborates in the radio station of Vilalba.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded several prizes of the City Council of Vilalba for his journalistic works about music and the ‘cruceiros’.