José Evaristo Rodríguez López

Category: Empresario
Birth Date: 22 de julio de 1956
Birth Place: Lg. Villareme – O Saviñao – Lugo

Abadía da Cova - Adegas Moure

He studied Secondary Education in Vigo and graduated in Philosophy and Education in Santiago de Compostela. Owing to his professional activity, he has master’s degrees in viticulture, oenology and tasting.

Once he started his professional activity, he returned to his native city and participated in the creation and development of the family Business (ADEGAS MOURE S.A.) that today directs together with Xosé Manuel Moure Vázquez, his brother-in-law.

He promoted the creation and starting of ‘Ribeira Sacra’ Origin Denomination and was on the Regulating Council until today that he became vice-president. He also promotes the creation of associations by means of “Asociación de Adegueiros da R.S.,” and “Asociación de viticultores do Saviñao”.

He also promoted the creation of a denomination for the Galician liquor and traditional liquors. Today he is the president of the Regulating Council for the geographic indications of traditional liquors.