Aitor Rei

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Member number 0380 of the Galician Association of Actors, Directors and Scene Technicians.

Course on Dubbing with Luís Iglesia, Galician Audiovisual Consortium (2006).
Course on Performance with Ana Vallés, Aadetg (2006).
‘El actor ante la cámara’, a course with Manane Rodríguez (2006).
Aula de Teatro de Ourense, directed by Sarabela Teatro (2002-2005).
Course on Comedia dell arte with Tito Asorey (2002).
Course on Voice with Vicente Fuentes (2002).
Theatre School of Vigo, directed by Maximino Queizán (2000-2002).
Workshop on theatre, directed by Loli Buján (1998-2000).
He partipates in courses on clown, voice, creation and use of stilts, staging of comic monologues, masks and performances with different teachers such as Jesús Jara, Avelino González, Jesús Costa, Eva Hache, Javier Veiga, Manuel Manquiña, Morris, Fernando Dacosta, Vicente Fuentes...

 Work & Activities

“Matalobos”, a serial directed by Toño González, Voz Audiovisual (2009).
“Pradolongo”, a film directed by Ignacio Villar, Vía Láctea Filmes S.L. (2007).
Promotional video for an advertising campaign of “R”, directed by Jorge Saavedra, Fin de Semana (2007).
“Amores de plástico”, a short directed by Miguel Martínez, Filmes do Xurelo S.L. (2007).
Special collaboration in ‘Luar’ for TVG, sketch “Camareiros” (2006).
“Sueños”, a documentary by David Sánchez, produced by Dyr (2006).
“Sin plomo”, a short directed by Jorge Saavedra, Fin de Semana (2006).
“Lobos”, a medium-length film directed by Dani de la Torre, Saga TV (2004).
“Enemizísimo”, a short directed by Juan Chis Li (2005).
“Timofónica, dígame?”, a short produced by Mr. Misto Films (2005).
“Rías Baixas”, a serial produced by Zenit TV for TVG (2004). Episodes 147, 148 and 149.
“Fíos”, a serial produced by La Región TV for TVG (2001). Episode 1.

“A Maxia da Santa Compaña”, directed by José Prieto, Produccions “O Mago Teto” (2009).
“O Asombro da Auga” by Fina Calleja, directed by Sabela Gago, Sarabela Teatro S.L (2008).
“Romeo e Xulieta”, directed by Eduardo Alonso, Teatro do Noroeste S.L. (2007).
“Zico, Zaca, Zuco”, directed by Avelino González and produced by Zancalino Produs S.L. (2007).
“A escada dos tempos”, directed by Fina Calleja and Sabela Gago, Sarabela Teatro S.L. (2006).
“Frankenstain”, directed by Fernando Dacosta, Aula de Teatro Universitaria de Ourense Maricastaña (2005).
“O rei Lear”, directed by Elena Seijo and Fina Calleja, Aula de Teatro Universitaria de Ourense (2004).
“Os sete pecados”, directed by Sabela Gago, Aula de Teatro Universitaria de Ourense (2003).
“Un féretro para Arturo”, directed by Leonel García, Theatre School, Vigo (2002).
“La ratita”, directed by Guillermo García, Theatre School, Vigo (2001).
He participates as an actor and long-legged acrobat in several street performances and for several companies such as RTA, Palimoco Teatro, PistaCatro, Cooperactiva, Os Quinquilláns, etc...
Creation of the show “Catálogo de seres marxinados” (stand up with his own script and direction).
Foundation member of Zancalino Produs S.L. together with J.C. Illanes and Fran Núñez in 2006. The company has participated in the most Galician festivals (Mostra de Ribadavia, Festival de Teatro de Cangas, Mostra de teatro de Cee, 125 anos do Teatro Galego, among others). The company also carried out performances at San Fermín 2008, Kaldearte (Euskadi), Muestra de Teatro de Chiclana (Cádiz), Murcia…
Collaborator in “Pequeño Gran Show” for TVG, (CTV, 2006).
Dubbing of “Toupiño” for television and radio advertisements.
Collaborator in “Buscando Estrelas”, Voz Audiovisual for TVG (2007).

 Other Interesting Aspects

3rd Prize in the Contest of Comic Monologues at the Theatre Festival of Carballo (2003).
2nd Prize in the Contest of Monologues at the Caricature Biennial Exhibition in Ourense (2004).
3rd Prize in the Contest of Comic Monologues at the Theatre Festival of Carballo (2005).