José Antonio López Graña

Birth Date: 16th May 1926 († 12th January 2017)
Birth Place: San Martín de Lúa, Pol (Lugo)

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He was the first of the four children of José Ramón López and his wife Ramona Graña. After studying Secondary Education, he took a degree in Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1949.

He began to practise as a lawyer in 1958 and lived in A Fonsagrada until 1963; he was in love with the intelligence, generosity, sympathy and humour of those people. He went on visiting A Fonsagrada at the weekends until 1991. Even today he is the first member of the Hunting and Fishing Society, which he founded in 1973 with the second game preserve of the province. (Hunting was the main sport in autumn and winter, followed by fishing in spring and trap shooting in summer).

After José Núñez Torrón died in 2000, he was elected dean on the provincial ICA. He filled this office for ten years.

He had his own office and exclusively devoted himself to the legal profession, emphasizing the hardness, fight, work and loneliness. About the deanship, he remembers the frank discussions with the colleagues of the governing body, effort of each of them in the commissions and the understanding of the whole Ica in the assemblies. About the CAG, he remembers the friendship, talent and elegance of the other six deans and their fine irony.

He collaborated in the elaboration of the Galician Justice White Paper in 2008; in the round table on 12th July 2006 in the summer school and in the conference on Galician Civil Law.