Jesús González Concheiro

Pseudonym: Concheiro
Category: Painter
Birth Date: in 1897 († 24th September 1955)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He already showed his skills at sketching when he was a child. His first steps were guided by his patron Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor. He attended courses at the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid and managed to celebrate seven exhibitions, although he was still very young.

 Work & Activities

Concheiro created drawings and watercolour pictures that can be found in the Provincial Art Gallery in A Coruña. After the period he spent in Madrid and when he returned to Galicia, Concheiro became schizophrenic. This made him create an abnormal painting with absurd characters but a great artistic value. In his drawing album (1930), his painting shows clearly his distorted imagination.