Carmen Romero Díaz

Birth Date: In 1964
Birth Place: Fene (A Coruña)

Cultura Galega. Galería

Painting was her first artistic activity and got into ceramics in 1999 in a workshop in Hortaleza (Madrid)

He attended courses on glaze for two years, Dulce Chacón C.E.P.A. (Madrid)

Since 2003 she has giving courses of ceramics in Hortaleza (Madrid)

2012-13. Teacher of ceramics, C.M.I.U. (Fene)

2013-14. Teacher of ceramics, Muiño Rio Va.

 Work & Activities


2001. Painting exhibition at Federico Chueca Cultural Centre (Madrid)

2004. Ceramics and painting exhibition at Virgilia Cultural Centre (Madrid)

2003-2010. Collective ceramics exhibition, Virgilia Cultural Centre, Silo Hortaleza (Madrid)

2010. 'Mulleres mariñas' (ceramics), Danos Tiempo Cultural Association.

2012. 'Mulleres mariñas’ (ceramics and painting), Cultural Centre, Fene (A Coruña)

2011. ‘Xan Viaño’ (Cumenius Project).

2012. Cultural Centre, Pontedeume (A Coruña)

2012. 'Torrente Ballester' (collective ceramics exhibition)

2013. 'Mulleres mariñas' (ceramics), Betanzos.