Alejandro Campos Ramírez

Pseudonym: Alejandro Finisterre
Category: Poet, inventor and editor
Birth Date: 6th May 1919 (†10th February 2007)

He moved to A Coruña when he was five and to Madrid when he was fifteen to study Secondary Education. There, he met León Felipe who, together with Rafael Sánchez Ortega, published “Paso a la juventud”, a newspaper to be sold in the street.
He was injured because of the bombs of the Civil War and he developed his idea of table football when he was at hospital, inspired by table tennis.
After travelling to France into exile, he left to Ecuador, where he founded “Ecuador 0º,0’,0”, a magazine that dedicated every issue to poets of different countries. Then, he left to Guatemala, where he improved table football and began to manufacture it.
He also lived in Mexico, where he devoted himself to graphic art and edition.