Antonio Matías Vázquez Yánez

Pseudonym: Matías
Category: Teacher and researcher
Birth Date: 29th November 1952
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos

He took a degree in Physics. He teaches Physics and Chemistry in a Secondary School and is the head of the Physics and Chemistry Department.

 Work & Activities

He promoted and built a planetarium in the Secondary School as an interdisciplinary didactic resource in collaboration with the City Council of Monforte through the vocational training centre. Since 1993 there have been astronomy sessions in order to spread this science in the school background. Any group can visit the planetarium by appointment only. Since October 1989, in collaboration with the State Meteorology Agency, they take daily information that can be visualized in the web page. The station, just like the planetarium, tries to educate in the methods of science and spreads meteorology in the school background.



Web page:

Books: “Clima y suelos de Monforte” (Joint author) and “Apuntes de Física 2º BAC”.

CD ROM: “No interior do planetario”.

He also published articles in magazines of the ENCIGA of the Centre for Educative Research and Document and proceeding books.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He participated as a rapporteur in courses of the University of Vigo, the Ministry of Education and Science and the centres for teaching training in Madrid, Lugo, A Coruña, Santiago, Albacete, Cuenca Cartagena, Melilla, Toledo, Barcelona and Pamplona; in many conferences of the ENCIGA, in conferences of the Spanish Open University in Madrid (VI and VII Conferences on Physics Didactics) and in the international meeting of experts on Environment (Santiago 2000).



He was awarded a prize in the third edition of Francisco Giner de los Ríos National Prize for educative innovation for the construction of a planetarium in a Secondary School as an interdisciplinary didactic resource. 

He was awarded a prize for local studies about climate and soils in Monforte. He coordinates the Globe programme (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit to Enviroment). 

Avanced Trainer for the Globe (Buenos Aires, 2000). 

School Star for being one of the first Spanish schools that provided information for the Globe environmental programme. 

Coordinator of Valora Plan during the school year 07-08 at A Pinguela Secondary School. 

Coordinator of Climantica project.