Adolfo Domínguez Fernández

Category: Designer
Birth Date: 14th May 1950
Birth Place: Pobra de Trives (Ourense)
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Adolfo Domínguez is still living in Ourense, where we can find the central offices, the design centre and the productive infrastructure of his company. He studied Philosophy and Arts in Santiago de Compostela. Then he moved to Paris, where he improved his education on Aesthetics and Cinematography, getting in touch with the spirit of creative freedom and political dynamism in the Europe of those years. He decided to return and, together with his father and brother, he created a pioneering company within the textile sector. The slogan 'crease is beautiful' promoted the company. New shops in the three most representative continents, the launching of new collections, the participation in the stock exchange and the new lines helped to consolidate his company in the last two decades.

 Work & Activities

In 1993, he published his first novel titled Juan Griego and three years later, in 1996, he produced the movie Los Moños.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married, has three daughters and holds 30% of the company 'Adolfo Domínguez Ltd.'.