Xosé Luis Ansemil Moreira

Category: Teacher, musician and singer
Birth Place: Piñeiro, Silleda (Pontevedra)


He took a degree in Galician and Portuguese Philology and studied Religious Sciences. He works at A Piringalla Secondary School and gives courses on Galician language. He is the founder of the group ‘Sólo Voces’, with which he recorded two CDs.

 Work & Activities

He presented and directed programmes on Lugo TV such as ‘A carón da lúa’, ‘Lucus que Augusto’ e ‘Lugo de verán’. He collaborated in the radio station ‘Radio Lugo’ and nowadays he collaborates with ‘Radio Popular de Lugo’. He participated as an actor and singer in the video film ‘Memoria de Rosas’ and as a singer in ‘Leda vai a nao’. In addition to his collaboration as a linguistic advisor in several publications, he has also written several short narrations and has carried out many performances as a singer and playing the pipe and guitar.