Benito Regueiro Varela

Category: Pharmacist and microbiologist
Birth Date: 23rd October 1917 (†13th November 2001)
Birth Place: A Coruña

After losing his parents when he was ten, he moved to Madrid to live with his uncles. After finishing Secondary Education, he intended to go in for a public competition to enter the Customs Corps but his studies were interrupted as the Civil War broke out. After being released from prison, he began to study Pharmacy and when the war was over, he took his degree and doctor's degree with his doctoral thesis Fragmentación ensímica de la lignina. When he was thirty-two, he became a Microbiology Professor in Santiago until his death. Benito Regueiro filled the following offices: head of the Microbiology section at the Centre of Scientific Research in Santiago, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, research vice-rector of Santiago University and president and vice-president of the Northwest Regional Section of the Spanish Society of Microbiology.

 Work & Activities

Benito Regueiro was the author of many scientific works. He made research works on clinical bacteriology and immunology in the Central Public Health Laboratory and Lister Institute in London, on antibiotic biochemistry at Wisconsin University (USA) and on enzymes of microorganisms at Kansas University.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Galician Academies of Medicine and Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine and several Spanish and foreign scientific societies such as the Society American Microbiology (USA) and Society for General Microbiology (England).