Manuel Sarille Lanceiro

Birth Date: 8th May 1923 (†25th May 2008)
Birth Place: Montecubeiro, Castroverde (Lugo)

He entered the Young Socialist Party in September 1935. On 14 April 1936, he participated in a meeting of the Republic in Montecubeiro. After the events of Montecubeiro in August 1937, he appeared in the lists of people who were to be shot (his twenty-two-year-old sister Carmen Sarille Lanceiro was shot). After going in for a public competition, he entered the Corps of Telegraphs in 1945. He entered the Socialist party in 1976 and was a member of the Galician executive committee for two years and the federal committee for another two. He was the secretary of ‘Moto-club Lucense’ from 1952 to 1958, and he was the organizer of San Froilán Motorcycling Prizes. He collaborated with articles and letters in the newspaper El Progreso.

 Work & Activities

He wrote A Pascua de Montecubeiro, a theatre satire in verse of oral tradition, which was published in the magazine ‘Olisbos’ nº14 and was the editor of the book Arximiro Rico. Luz dos humildes, vida e morte dun mestre republicano, by Narciso de Gabriel and Xosé M. Sarille, joint author of the book Polos fillos dos fillos, by Xosé Manuel Sarille Candeia. He financed the monolith to the dead in Montecubeiro in 1937 that was installed in the field of the parish on 23rd August 2003 with the collaboration of the City council of Castroverde. It weighs ten tons.