Xosé Chao Rego

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1932
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)

He took a degree in Philosophy and Theology and nowadays is one of the most important Galician essayists, writing about Theology and Social Anthropology. He promoted the magazines ‘Irimia’ and ‘Encrucillada’, where he published many articles as well as in the newspaper ‘La Voz de Galicia’.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important books: Introducción ao Xénese (1972), Eu renazo galego. Ensaio sobre a identidade galega (1983, Galician Criticism Prize), O misterio do lume (1985), Para comprendermos Galicia (1987), O libro da auga (1995), A condición homosexual (1999), O sexo, a muller e o crego (2000), O relato hebraico (2001), O demo meridiano (Xerais, 2004) and the eight volumes of the work Historia do Pobo de Xesús (1980-2000), Do Castro Publications. Daniel López Muñoz wrote the book Conversa con Xosé Chao (Xerais, 2002), which is a biographic journey completed by O demo meridiano (Xerais, 2004). Nowadays, he is preparing Biblia Popular Galega (Xerais Publications).

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Association of Writers in Galician Language awarded him the Letter E distinction for his whole work (2002).