Xosé Antón Pet Posse

Category: Executive and writer
Birth Date: 4th February 1941
Birth Place: Ponteceso (A Coruña)

He has been living in Catalonia since he was seventeen and nowadays he lives in Girona. He studied Secondary Education in A Coruña. In 1962, he entered the company 'Tabacalera', where he was the representative of the Catalan-Balearic area. Today, he represents this company in Girona. He is also an expert on Marketing Management.

 Work & Activities

Pet Posse is a born narrator and he can describe settings and situations in an extraordinary way. He wrote the following novels: Portoceo (1983), Las gemelas de Fonelos, La taberna de Bergantiños (1986), Una dama de altos vuelos (1987), Amalia la del 228 (1989) and La tahona de Froilán (1990). He also wrote the poetry book Poemas singulares y doce sonetos apasionados (1985) and the story books Contos e Lembranzas (1987) and La historia de Ali (1995). He usually gives lectures and collaborates in several newspapers.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a foundation member of the association 'Penedo Fogar Galego' (Barcelona) and he is on the advisory board of 'FEGADA' (Association of Galician Businessmen in Catalonia and Andorra).