Xosé Andrés Crecente Vega

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 3rd July 1896 († 21th March 1948)
Birth Place: Anta María de Outeiro - Castro de Rei (Lugo)

He studied at the Seminary in Mondoñedo and Lugo. He also studied Arts at University in Santiago and Salamanca. He got as chair to teach Latin in Málaga and Segovia.

 Work & Activities

José Crecente Vega wrote only a book in Galician language titled Codeseira (Santiago, 1933). It is a collection of poems about peasants and rural life. In this sense, he can be considered a follower of Noriega Varela because he describes nature focusing on the humblest things. He also published Tíbulo, Albio. Selección de elegías (Madrid, 1946) and wrote a collection of poems written in Galician and Castilian language, which are still unpublished.