Cándido Fernández Mazas

Pseudonym: Dichi y Denys Fernández
Category: Painter, writer
Birth Date: 18 de diciembre de 1902 (†15-11-1942)
Birth Place: Ourense

His first works are illustrations for books by Eugenio Montes, Álvaro and Augusto Casas... Thanks to a grant from the County Council Offices in Ourense, he travelled to Paris to improve his artistic education, coming back four moths later. He collaborated with articles and drawings in the newspaper El Pueblo Gallego. In 1929, he directed the artistic section of the magazine Gaceta de Galicia. Then he moved to Madrid and collaborated in different publications and cultural events. He collaborated at the same time in the graphic and literary magazine Escuela de Trabajo, in Ourense.

 Work & Activities

The artistic work by Cándido Mazas is scattered. In addition to the drawings he published, he also painted pictures such as Ventana al campo, Rapaza, Rumba, Ángel de la paz, a portrait of Luis Seoane and another one of Sebastián Martínez-Risco. As writer, he wrote journalistic articles and published a book titled Santa Margori and a farse titled Los cuernos disparatados. He also left a poetry book titled Aleteia.