Marta Pazos

Category: Actress, director and plastic artist
Birth Date: In 1976
Birth Place: Pontevedra
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She took a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (1994-99). She started her activity in 1996 as a performer, presenting her works in Barcelona, San Sebastián (Mugatzoan Bi) and Bologna, Italy. In 1999 she returned to Galicia and founded Belmondo Theatre Company. She studied at ‘Espacio Aberto’ Contemporary Theatre and Dance School and received a thorough education in comic techniques (Gaulier, Bassi, Edwars, Gutierrez Caba, de Bont, Wright...) and in Dance Theatre (Jérôme Bel, La Ribot, Mónica Valenciano, Andrés Corchero, Ion Munduate, Blanca Calvo, Olga Mesa and Ana Vallés).
She worked at performances of São João National Theatre in Porto, CDG, Centro Dramático de Aragón-Teatro Español and different companies such as Matarile, Chévere, Trigo Limpo, PistaCatro and La Fura dels Baus in Spain, Portugal, France, Czech Republic and Mozambique.
From 2000 onwards, she focuses an important part of her work in cabaret and music theatre as playwright, educator, actress and director.  
Performance: Mariano Barroso, Carlos Neira and Isabel Úbeda (Odine Teatro).
Dance-theatre: Jérôme Bel, La Ribot, Andrés Corchero, Ión Munduate, Blanca Calvo, Mónica Valenciano, Olga Mesa and Ana Vallés.
Comedy: Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.
Commedia del Arte: Antonio Fava.
Comic identity: Leo Bassi.
Clown: Philippe Gaulier, Jango Edwars, Eric de Bont, Jhon Wright, Álex Navarro, Caroline Dream, Néstor Muzo and Good Idea Co.
Cabaret: Ángel Burgos. 
Acrobatics: Oswaldo Bermúdez. 
Tap dancing and body percussion: Rubén García.
Voice: Cristina Domínguez and João Henriques.
Singing: Ramón Bermejo.
Digital theatre: La Fura dels Baus. 
2008: She gave a workshop on Cabaret for Baal 17 and Al-masrah Teatro. Serpa. Portugal. 
2006: She gave a workshop on Cabaret for Manicómicos Company. 
2004: She gave a workshop on Cabaret for Teatro ACERT. Tondela. Portugal. 
2002: She gave a workshop on Clown at the International Theatre Festival in Mozambique.  


 Work & Activities

2008: “A boa persoa de Sezuan” by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Nuno Cardoso (CDG); “Caravan Cabaret”. Direction and play-writing: Marta Pazos (Baal 17 and Al-Masrah Teatro) and “PeriFeria” by Freitas, Cortés, Santiago and Voadora, directed by Montse Triola.
2007: “Kamikaze” by Hernán Gené and PistaCatro, directed by H. Gené (PistaCatro and CDG).
2006: “María de Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, directed by João Henriques (São João National Theatre) and “Illa Reunión” by Ana Vallés, directed by Ana Vallés (CDG). 
2005: “Historia Natural” by Ana Vallés, directed by Ana Vallés (Matarile Teatro) and  “Misiles Melódicos” by José Sanchís Sinisterra, directed by David Amitin (Centro Dramático de Aragón, CDG and Teatro Español).
2004: “Mamá Lusitânia” by Carlos Santiago. Direction and play-writing: Marta Pazos (Trigo Limpo – Teatro ACERT) and “Sidecar” by Santiago, Cortés and Marcos PTT, directed by Carlos Santiago (Belmondo Company).
2002: “Lolamento (I’m zorry)” by Marta Pazos and Marcos PTT, directed by Montse Triola (Belomondo Company) and “Sen Título”, directed by Marta Pazos (Arrepentimientos de Padrón).
2000: “Contrátenos, por favor” by Pilar Pereira, directed by Pilar Pereira (Pilar Pereira Company).
1999: “Dinamita”, by Marta Pazos. Direction and play-writing: Marta Pazos (Belomondo Company); “Zardigot” by Euloxio Ruibal, directed by Anxo Baranda (Augateba Company) and “La Mosquitera” by G.R.I.P., directed by  G.R.I.P. (Grup de Intervenció Pública). 
1997: “Macbeth” by W. Shakespeare. La Fura dels Baus. Direction: La Fura dels Baus.
2007: “Valle por Dos”, a compilation from texts by Valle-Inclán.
2006: MAGALIA. “Encuentros de la Red de Teatros Alternativos” and “Mortadela”, Festival de Cómicas “Soberanas”, directed by Sergio Zearreta and Marta Pazos.
2005: “Perhaps”, Festival Aternativa 05, directed by Ana Vallés. 
2004: “Doméstic”. Festival Alternativa 04. 
2003: “Popcorn”, 10th edition of Cine-Acert Festival, directed by Belmondo and Fran Pérez and “Esca-párate”, directed by Chévere. 
2003-04-08: “Queima do Judas”, directed by Trigo Limpo_Teatro Acert. 
2001-08: “Ultranoites”, directed by Chévere. 
2002-07: “Festa do Circo”, directed by PistaCatro.
2004: “One day in Europe”. Filmanova. Direction: Hannes Stohr and “El año de la garrapata”. Filmanova. Direction: Jorge Coira.
2005-07: “A vida por diante”. TVG, directed by Carlos Sedes.
2006: “Pepe o Inglés”, directed by Zoopilote, TVG, “A cuarta Pista”. Diplodocus, directed by Pela del Álamo, “Tesoura”, TVG and “Pillados” (13 and 14), TVG. 
2004: “As leis de Celavella”, directed by Germán Gormezano, TVG. 
2003: “Cota Roja”, directed by Jordi Frades, FORTA.
2001-02: “Avenida de América”, directed by Gonzalo Pinto, TVG.
2001: “Pequeño Hotel”, directed by Teo Abad, TVG.
2007: “O Cazador”, directed by Ángel Santos (Matriuska) and “Bilingüe”, directed by Cecilia Perolio.
2006: “Formularios Truculentos”, directed by José Díaz (Gominola de Can).
2005: “Me lo dijo Pérez”, directed by Nazaret López (A Burla Negra).
2004: “Coco e Bobo”, directed by José Díaz (Gominola de Can).
2003: “Sucesión Rosa”, directed by José Díaz (Gominola de Can) and “Paranoia-s”, by Adriana Vázquez (CGAI). 
2002: “Stop”, directed by Fernando Ferrer and “Bang”, directed by Félix Fernández.  
2001: “Mundo Increíble”, directed by Quique Otero and “S / T”, directed by Félix Fernández. 
1997: “La Pecera”, directed by Juan Pablo Echeberri. 


 Other Interesting Aspects

2006: She was nominated to ‘María Casares’ Prizes as the best stage designer for “Sobre” (Sapristi).
2004: She was nominated to ‘María Casares’ Prizes as the best main actress for “Sidecar” (Belmondo).
2002: “Sen Título” (Arrepentimientos de Padrón). The play was awarded the prize to the best Festiclown show (International Clown Festival) in Pontevedra.
In summer 2007 he founded “Voadora”, a transnational project with the Portuguese actor Hugo Torres, which tries to serve as a bridge for meetings between Galician and Portuguese artists by means of new languages at stage.