Xoán Piñón Prado

Category: Musician and photographer
Birth Date: 16th July 1951
Birth Place: A Coruña
Telephone: 981212101 - 629688378


He began to study Lute and Guitar when he was 12.

 Work & Activities

In 1968, he recorded, together with the group 'Generación 49', Galician electronic music, with compositions of Galician authors.
In 1972, he created the group 'Sopa de Sobre' with Nani García, Bernardo Martínez and José Vázquez.
In 1974, he joined the group 'NHU', the first group of progressive music', for two years. In 1976, he composed music for the show 'Más o menos Alberti' performed by a theatre group called 'El pequeño zoo'.
In 1977, he recorded and made arrangements for the record Fonte do Araño by Emilio Cao with Bernardo Martínez and the collaboration of Antón Seoane and Pepe Ferreirós.
In 1978, he recorded Alcabre by Bibiano and formed the group 'Doa' with Bernardo Martínez. O Son da Estrela Escura was the first record of the group. Other records with 'Doa' are Polaridade and Arboretum and he was the instrumentalist and composer of some songs. As a photographer, he was one of the founders of 'Fotobienal Vigo' and 'Novos Fotógrafos Coruñeses'.
He has made several advertising campaigns for the following films: Divinas Palabras, Finisterre, La Rosa de Piedra, Continental, Se Quien Eres and others. He has published the book of photographs Momentos de cine (County Council of A Coruña).

He has given many courses on illumination for professional photographers (Madrid, Bilbao, Vigo, Malaga,...) and carried out campaigns for the first fashion and advertising world, published in the magazines 'Vogue', 'Elle', 'Marie Claire', 'Domus', etc. He has worked with the models Inés Sastre, Judit Mascó, Marcus Schekenberg, Estefanía Luyck, Vanessa Lorenzo, Mar Flores, etc. These are some of his most important individual and collective exhibitions: 'Sargadelos' Gallery, Madrid; 'Fotobienal', Vigo; 'Jornadas de Fotografía Contemporánea', Valencia; 'Kiosko Alfonso' Exhibition Room, A Coruña; 'FOCO', Madrid; 'UIMP', Santander; 'Galicia Terra Única', A Coruña, Xunta de Galicia; 'Conde Duque', Madrid; 'Fotobienal', Vigo; 'Pigmentos Autorizados', Barcelona, AFPPMC; 'Expo 92', Pabellón de Galicia, 1992; 'Mirando ao Sur. Cádiz', Oleiros; 'Galicia Terra Nai', itinerant; 'Sonimag', Barcelona; 'Galicia en fotos', Mexico, Buenos Aires, Xunta de Galicia; 'Tradición e Deseño', Zurich, Xunta de Galicia; 'Urbe natura e cosmos', Santiago, Xunta de Galicia and 'A memoria recobrada', itinerant, County Council of A Coruña.

 Other Interesting Aspects

As a photographer, he has made posters and sleeves for records by 'Milladoiro', 'Doa', 'Berrogüeto', Susana Seivane, Rodrigo Romaní, 'Fuxan os Ventos', 'Heredeiros da Crus', 'Diplomáticos de Montealto', Emilio Cao, María Manuela and Uxía. He has got 'Lux' Prize to the best fashion publication in Spain with a catalogue for 'Caramelo' with Judit Mascó and the Criticism Accesit in Vigo.