José Constantino Núñez Vázquez

Category: Builder
Birth Date: In 1947

He began to work in the building industry since he was young and created the firm of the same name. The firm comprises all sort of works, specially blocks of flats, industrial premises, building restoration and urban soil development. He is also the owner and director of the following firms: J. Constantino Núñez, S.L., Garaz Consult, S.A., J. Constantino Núñez Vázquez, S.A., Pronusa Promociones, S.L., Muebles Lestyle, S.L., Lugauto, S.A. and Promociones Seminario Mayor, S.L.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce in Lugo, president of San Calixto Foundation, member of the Provincial Association of, foundation member of ‘Lucus Augusti’ Foundation and first vicepresident of Breogán B.C.