Luis Otero

Category: Football player
Birth Date: 22nd January 1893 (†20th January 1955)
Birth Place: Pontevedra

He began to play in the football club of his native city (1909) and then to the 'Real Club Vigo' F.C. until 1924. Then he signed up for 'Deportivo de A Coruña' F.C. where he played up to 1930. His first official match took place in 1920, in the Olympic Games in Antwerp, where he also played two more matches. He played with the national team again in 1921 and 1925, against Belgium and Austria. The latter was his farewell match with his team. In 1930, in the match Deportivo-Barcelona, he retired.

 Other Interesting Aspects

When 'Riazor' stadium remodelled, he was dedicated a statue in front of the Sports Centre.