Xoán Manuel Casado Martínez-Carmona

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 31st December 1949 (†19th January 2002)
Birth Place: Barcelona

He studied Law at the Central University of Barcelona and practised as a lawyer. He was one of the sub-editors that elaborated the publication 'O Pote' (expression organ of the society 'Grupo Anónimo de Barcelona). This publication was delivered free between 1996 and 1999.

 Work & Activities

He published poems such as Rexistros de menores espantos (1973), Os preludios (1980), Libro de Caldelas (1982) and Antigo futuro (1986) and the narrative books O inverno do lobo (1985) and Os brasileiros (1986). Together with his father, he signed the book Mostra antolóxica de poetas contemporáneos in 1981, where he translated several Galician texts of some European poets.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was very keen on bullfighting. In 1986, he gave a lecture about the bullfighting week of 'Peregrina' Festivities.