Xesús Torres Regueiro

Pseudonym: Baraxeiro
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 8th December 1957
Birth Place: Betanzos (A Coruña)


He studied at the Teaching Profession School in A Coruña taking his degree in 1978. Nowadays he works as a teacher of Primary Education. He worked for culture at several cultural associations such as 'Asociación Cultural Alexandre Bóveda' in A Coruña and 'Asociación Cultural Betanceira' (he was one of the founders and president of this already inexistent association). In 1992, he promoted the foundation of the cultural association 'Eira Vella' in Betanzos, which developed an important activity. He was the president until 1992 and nowadays he is the vice-president. He also coordinates the cultural magazine 'A Xanela', which is published by this associations half-yearly.

 Work & Activities

He has been collaborating for years in the weekly newspaper A Nosa Terra and in other publications. Since 1983 he has frequently been publishing several works in 'Anuario Brigantino' and monographs about history and local characters, press and journalists, the 'Irmandade da Fala de Betanzos', the working-class and agrarian movement, the humourist Manuel Roel, the piper Rilo and so forth. Torres Regueiro wrote Xoan Vicente Viqueira e o nacionalismo galego (Edicións do Castro, 1987) and Alcumes recollidos en Betanzos in collaboration with Xulio Cuns (1989). He also collaborated in the collective books Homenaxe a X. Mª Díaz Castro (Cultural Association 'Xermolos', 1987), Os conquistadores modernos. Movimento obreiro na Galicia de anteguerra and Pregoeiro da luz (1993), which is a literary homage to Alfonso Blanco Torrado. He also coordinated the book Betanzos na voz dos poetas (Betanzos, 1994).