Luis Rial Suárez

Category: Radio journalist
Birth Place: Santiago (A Coruña)
Telephone: 981 58 26 37

Since he was young, he was closely bound to the media. He worked as correspondent of 'Radio Nacional de España' (National Radio Station of Spain) in Santiago. As the Galician Autonomous Radio started in 1985, he was the first announcer that worked at the autonomous channel. He had different jobs at the Galician Radio such as chief of reporters and responsible for the emigration area. He has been coordinating the festivity section for ten years; every weekend he goes around Galicia with his programme 'Un día de radio' which is broadcasted from 13:00 to 14:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

 Work & Activities

He made the following programs: 'Festa do Amor', 'Volta Galega a España', 'Volta Galega a Europa', 'Oito meses e un día', 'Transmisións dende un cárcere e dende un globo', 'Transmisións dende América'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Rial Suárez got the following prizes: 'Premio a la Galleguidad' (1987), Galician Journalism Prize (1988), finalist of the 'Ondas' prize and 'Álvaro Cunqueiro' prize (1999).