Xesús Pérez González

Birth Date: In March 1936
Birth Place: Barbadelo - Sarria (Lugo)

He first got in touch with popular instruments in his childhood with his father. He collaborated on several occasions with him in the workshop of the County Council of Lugo, where he began to work in 1975 until he retired in 2001. In these years, he carried out an important activity teaching new artisans, getting in touch with associations of disabled people, schools and people from different places such as Francisco Luengo (artisan and director of the Chapel of Compostela) and Manuel Brañas (director of the workshop of the County Council of Ourense). He also studied solfa in the Conservatoire of Lugo and hurdy-gurdy with Xosé Luís Ribas Cruz. He was the real founder of this workshop that adapted to all the needs produced by the revaluation of the traditional culture in the late 70's. He had the idea of a very important technological change in the hurdy-gurdy, the collapsible system of its wheel. He also participated on some occasions in some recordings with Miro Casavella and Luciano Pérez.