Santiago Catalán Tobia

Category: Architect and painter
Birth Date: In 1954
Birth Place: Madrid
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He graduated in Architecture in Madrid (1979), specialising in town planning. He combines his professional activity with drawing and art. He founded ‘Bacabú’ Gallery (1998-2001) in Lugo. His projects were published in several specialized magazines: ‘On’, ‘Obradoiro’, ‘Squares 6’, ‘Conarquitectura’... There are references to him and his projects in ‘Arte en Galicia’ (15th volume), ‘The Multifuncional Library London 1998’ and in the following newspapers: ‘El Mundo’, ‘El Correo Gallego’ and ‘La Voz de Galicia’.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his last projects: the building for the library and offices of the Campus of Lugo (University of Santiago de Compostela), remodelling of Xoán Montes Secondary School (Lugo), Primary School of Becerreá (Lugo), Dr. Fleming School (Vigo), intervention in the surroundings of San Estebo de Ribas de Miño Romanesque Church (Lugo), Roman Archaeological Museum (Lugo), restoration of St María do Val do Mao Church (Lugo), restoration of St María Romanesque Church, Meira (Lugo), enlargement of Quiñones de León Museum (Vigo), building for the indoor swimming pool in Lugo, building for the hall of residence in Aceña de Olga (Lugo), head office for ‘Diario de Pontevedra’, a complete remodelling of the building for the offices of ‘El Progreso’ (Lugo), a complete remodelling of ‘Club Fluvial’ (Lugo) and a development project for building sixteen government subsidised houses (Lugo).

He carried out individual exhibitions at the gallery of the Architecture School in Madrid (1981), Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (Lugo, 1986), Sargadelos Gallery (Santiago de Compostela, 1988), Pardo Bazán Gallery (A Coruña, 1992), Almirante Gallery (Lugo, 1994), Mesón do Forno (Lugo, 1996), Detursa Gallery (Madrid, 1998), Bacabú Gallery (Lugo, 1999) and Amararte Gallery (Lugo, 2003).
He also participated in collective exhibitions: ‘La Obra Plástica de los Arquitectos’, gallery of the Architect Association (Madrid, 1986), Penagos Prize (Madrid, 1987), Pérez Villaamil Prize, Athenaeum (Ferrol, 1989), Pérez Villaamil Prize (Kiosco Alfonso, A Coruña, 1990), Isaac Díaz Pardo Prize, Estación Marítima (A Coruña, 1993), ‘Lugo Abre la Muralla’, Pardo Bazán Gallery (A Coruña, 1993), ‘5 artistas por Lugo’, Almirante Gallery (Lugo, 1995), ‘Congreso Galego de Expresión e Arte’, Nova Rúa Gallery (Lugo, 1995), ‘Arredor da Espeteira’ (Lugo, 1995), Ciudad de Lugo Prize, Lugo Museum (Lugo, 1996) and Thematic Exhibitions, Bacabú Gallery (Lugo, 1998).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes and mentions: Ciudad de Lugo Painting Prize (second prize, 1996), Pérez Villamil Drawing Prize, Ferrol (mention in 1996 and selection in 1990), Penagos Drawing Prize (1986 and 1987), Painting Prize Selection (1993), COAG Architecture Prize, restoration of the ‘Palco da Música’, Lugo (consolation prize, 1987), COAG Architecture Prize, restoration of the surroundings of the Romanesque Church of Meira, Lugo (consolation prize, 1990), ‘Concurso de Ideas’, public space in Fingoi, Lugo (first prize in 1990 and consolation prize in 1992), Galán Carvajal Prize, restoration of the surroundings of San Estebo de Ribas de Miño Romanesque Church, Lugo (mention, 1995), ‘Concurso de Ideas’, enlargement of Pazo de Castrelos Museum, Vigo (first prize, 1997), ‘Concurso de ideas’, construction of Viveiro City Council (mention, 1998), ‘Concurso de ideas’, and COAG Architecture Prize, restoration of Pazo de Castrelos, Vigo (consolation prize, 2000). Web page: