Xavier Prado Rodríguez

Pseudonym: Lameiro
Category: Poet, humorist, theatre writer
Birth Date: 12th September 1874 (†26th December 1942)
Birth Place: Ourense

He worked in Ourense as Inspector of Cattle Hygiene. In 1917, he started to publish again the newspaper O Tío Marcos da Portela, which would disappear again the following year.

 Work & Activities

He always used a clear language in his works full of dialectal words typical in the province of Ourense. He first published works with themes about his job as Inspector such as Instrucciones profilácticas y curativas sobre las enfermedades infecto-contagiosas más frecuentes en los ganados de la provincia (Ourense, 1911), Generalidades sobre higiene pecuaria (Ourense, 1912) and La mejora de los vacunos (Ourense, 1913). As a lyrical poet he described the Galician rural life and made compositions such as A carón do lume (Ourense, 1918) and Cóxegas e moxetes (Ourense, 1928). His theatre production is collected in two volumes: Monifates and Farsadas, both of them published in Ourense in 1918. The first volume, Monifates, consisted of several pieces like Almas sinxelas, Tratos, Luis de Castromouro, A retirada de Napoleón, Todo ten goberno, Un home de sorte and O cego da Xestosa. The second one consisted of the following works: Os trasacordos de Mingos, Soledá, Vida Vilenga, Marta, Na corredoira, Estebiño and Marzadas.