Aurora López López

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 16th January 1948
Birth Place: Sarria (Lugo)
Telephone: 958 597160
Fax: 958 243684

She took a doctor's degree in Classic Philology at Salamanca University and has been a Professor of Latin Philology at Granada University. She usually focusses her works on comedy and literature written by women.

 Work & Activities

Together with Andrés Pociña Pérez, she wrote several volumes about Rosalía de Castro. As far as music is concerned, she composed the book-record Saloucos. Quince poetas da terra nai (Vigo, 1999), which is a collection of fifteen compositions about poems written by fifteen Galician poets that she performes accompanied by the pianist Teresa Luján. These are some of her most important books about Latin Literature: No sólo hilaron lana. Escritoras romanas en prosa y en verso, Madrid, 1994; Modelando con palabras. La elaboración de las imágenes ejemplares de Catón y Cornelia, Madrid, 1998, etc. She also wrote the following books about Galician Literature: Rosalía de Castro. Documentación biográfica y bibliografía crítica (1937-1990), 3 vol. A Coruña, 1991-1993; Rosalía de Castro. Estudios sobre a vida e a obra, Santiago, 2000 and Conversas con Maruxa Villanueva, A Coruña, 1995; etc.