María Antonia Dans

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 9th April 1920 (†17th February 1988)
Birth Place: Oza de los Ríos

When she was a girl, she moved to Curtis (A Coruña) with her family. She worked with Lolita Díaz Baliño in her studio and got in touch with the work Isaac Díaz Pardo and his work. In 1952, she married the journalist Celso Collazo and moved to Madrid. In her painting, she reflected the Galician world of her childhood, a peaceful and joyful world. She attended classes in the Circle of Fine Arts and in the late 50's, she made several exhibitions in Madrid (Athenaeum, Sala del Prado and Fine Arts State Office).

 Work & Activities

She painted murals for the newspaper Pueblo, Wellington Hotel, the City Council of Ribadelago, Meirás Church and Bayona Hostelry. In the 60's, he exhibited in Seville, Santander, Bilbao and Buenos Aires (1967). In the 70's, she made exhibitions in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo, Santiago, A Coruña, Bayona and Valencia.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded 'Villa de Paris' Prize in 1963 and 'Unicef' and 'Repesa' Prizes in 1970. She also enjoyed scholarships of 'Juan March' Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Culture.