Xabier López López

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1974
Birth Place: Bergondo (A Coruña)

He took a degree in Law at A Coruña University in 1997. He was the president of ‘Eira Vella’ Cultural Association (Betanzos) from 1999 to 2003. In May 2003, he was elected as town councillor in Betanzos, representing the ‘BNG’ political party. He has been responsible for Trade and local development in the City council of Betanzos since July 2003. He was awarded ‘Risco’ Phantastic Literature Prize (2001), ‘Lueiro Rey’ Short Novel Prize (2002), ‘García Barros’ Novel Prize (2003) and Criticism National Prize (2003). He was also finalist at ‘Europa’ Novel Prize (2003) and ‘San Clemente. Lectores Novos’ Prize (2002).

 Work & Activities

In addition to his collaboration in several newspapers and cultural magazines such as ‘A Xanela’ and ‘Grial’, he published the following novels: Biff, Bang, Pow! (Sotelo Blanco, 1997), Doutor Deus (Sotelo Blanco, 1999), O caderno (Sotelo Blanco, 2001 – ‘Risco’ Prize), O mono no espello (Sotelo Blanco, 2002 – ‘Lueiro Rey’ Prize), A estraña estrela (Galaxia, 2003), this novels was translated into Portuguese in 2004 (A estranha estrela, Deriva Publications, Porto, 2004), A vida que nos mata (Galaxia, 2003 – ‘García Barros’ Prize, Nationalist Criticism Prize and finalist at Europa Prize).