Ramón Rodríguez Porto

Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: 24th March 1963
Birth Place: Chantada (Lugo)
Telephone: 982440989
Fax: 982440989

He studied Secondary Education in Chantada and Monforte and Administration and Marketing in Vigo. He worked at the commercial department of several companies and directed the bank firm 'Banco de Galicia' in Quiroga. Since 1990, he has directed the bank firm 'Caixanova' in Chantada (Lugo). He worked as a correspondent in the radio stations 'RNE' and 'Radio Noroeste' and presented the programme 'Terra-Miñota' in 'Radio Faro-Cadena Ser'. Nowadays he directs and presents the programme 'Falemos de...' on the local television ('Televinte').

 Work & Activities

He began to be known as a writer when he was still young with a series of articles and poetry prizes until he was eighteen that he started his journalistic activity in the newspaper El Progreso. These are some of his most important publications: Unha noite de poesía (1985), Chantada na súa prensa (1988), Voltar a Bacelares (1989), As Beiras do Sil (1994), Baixo o Ceo de Camba (2.000) and Agasallo de Verbas (2001).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got several prizes and distinctions such as the poetry prize awarded by the Galician Centre of Sestao (1985), 'Concello de A Estrada' Narrative Prize (1985), 'Miguel de Cervantes' Poetry Prize (Alcázar de San Juan - Ciudad Real, 1986), 'López Abente Poetry Prize (1986), 'A Pipa' Prize (2000) and 'Cartas de Amor' first prize, City Council of Quiroga (2005), among others. He collaborates in several publications and was one of the founders of 'Faro-Miño' Theatre Group. He is also a member of several cultural associations and coordinates 'Xohán de Requeixo' Poetry Prize. He has taken part in many lectures and poetry reading. Besides, he is a member of 'Trevo poético' Group, the poetry magazine 'Xistral' and a foundation member of the association 'Amigos do Románico'.