Manuel Caamaño Suárez

Category: Quantity surveyor and technical architect
Birth Date: 2nd January 1936
Birth Place: Noia (A Coruña)

He graduated as a quantity surveyor and technical architect at the Polytechnical School of Barcelona and worked at the construction companies ‘Agromán’ (1956-62) and ‘Dragados y Construcciones’ (1963-98). As far as his teaching activity is concerned, he taught ‘Construcciones tradicionales gallegas’ and ‘Restauración y reutilización de edificios’ at the University Architecture School of A Coruña (1975-2000) and directed over two hundred projects (1987-2003). He was the vicesecretary of the Galician Centre of Barcelona (1958-62), president of ‘O Facho’ Cultural Association of A Coruña (1966-79), managing director of GALAXIA (1972-86) and SEPI (1969-75) publishing houses, promotor and president of ESCOLA ABERTA Cultural Society (1978-86) and foundation member of ADEGA in 1976, Castelao Foundation in 1983 and the magazines ‘Teima’ and ‘Tempos Novos’, in 1976 and 1997, respectively. He collaborated in La Voz de Galicia during the 70’s and 80’s. He gave lectures on several occasions, participated in the panel of several contests and prizes and presented the publications Unha ducia de galegos, by Víctor Freixanes (1976), Arquitectura popular en Galicia, by P. de Llano (1981) and Tertulia by X. Alcalá (1985).

 Work & Activities

He is the author of Pro e contra da liturxia en galego. Historia dunha polémica, in collaboration with X.M. Rodríguez Pampín (SEPI, 1980), Sobre Galicia como responsabilidades (Do Castro Publications, 1988), ‘A casa-vivenda’, in the thirteenth volume of Galicia Project (Hércules Publications, A Coruña, 1997), ‘A casa popular’ and ‘As construccións adxectivas’ (‘Cuadernos del Museo do Pobo Galego’, no 8 and 9, Santiago de Compostela, 1999) and As construccións da arquitectura popular. Patrimonio etnográfico de Galicia (Galician Council of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects, Santiago de Compostela, 2003), which was awarded ‘Antón Losada Diéguez’ Research Prize in April 2004 and Galicia Critic Prize in May 2004.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, he is the secretary of the board of directors of the ‘Museo do Pobo Galego’ and its patronage and member of ‘Pedrón de Ouro’ Foundation and the Social Council of A Coruña University, appointed by the Galician Parliament.