Ismael Rodríguez Fraga

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 6th February 1972
Birth Place: Montevideo (Uruguay)
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1987-1988: he took part at the Painting Workshop of Susana Moreno.
1990-1992: he took part at the Plastic Expression Workshop of Enrique Badaró.
1990-1993: he studied Graphic Design at the University of Uruguay.
1990-1991: he studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts.
1993-1994: he took part at Nelson Ramos Workshop.
1995: he travelled all around Europe and the United States for eight years.
1996: he returned to Montevideo and worked as a teacher of plastic expression in the project of Miguelete Prision, coordinated by Selva Rubiales. She collaborates at Badaró Nadal Workshop.
1997: he returned to Spain and took in for the Seminary of Sargadelos.
2004: he made a mural painting for the association ‘Uruguayos por el Mundo’ (Vigo).
From 1997 to 2002 he worked at several advertising agencies in Galicia.

 Work & Activities

1994. Cinemateca Gallery, Pocitos.
1998. Café Alfama, A Coruña.
1999. Cultural Centre, Noia.
2003. Xunta de Galicia, Lugo.
2004. Sala Liceo, Betanzos.
2005 and 2006. Café La Hispana, Pontevedra.

1992. Cinemateca Gallery - Lorenzo Carneli.
2002. ‘Certamen Gallego de Artes Plásticas Xuventude 2002’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

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