Vicente Alonso Salgado

Category: Bishop of Astorga and Cartagena
Birth Date: 22nd january 1845 (†In 1931)
Birth Place: Queirugas, Verín (Ourense)

He was the penultimate of eleven brothers. After knowing his religious vocation, his parents (Francisco Alonso and Josefa Salgado) sent him to Nuestra Señora de los Milagros School when he was nine to study Latin and then to Villaderrey School to study Rhetoric and Mathematics.

When he was fifteen, he entered the Seminary in Ourense and improved his studies on Philosophy. Then he entered the Congregation of the Pious Schools and took holy Calasantious in Madrid in 1861.

He directed the Scolopi in León for a decade. It was located at St Marcos building, today the central office of the State-run Tourist Hotel Network.

He was elected bishop of Astorga and Cartagena. In Murcia he developed an extensive pastoral labour with several foundations such as the agricultural women workers and catholic women. He was elected honorary citizen of this city and was awarded the Collar of Isabel, the Catholic Queen and other decorations. He used to celebrate Eucharist at Virgen de los Remedios Sanctuary and remembered the existence of a manuscript from the 16th century preserved at “el Humillidero”. The devoted started to call Los Remedios to this church because of the healings the pilgrims attributed there. This place became a spiritual centre in the Valley of Verín and North of Portugal.